How to find more customers in 2018

Written on 24 January, 2018 by MelbourneIT
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The beginning of the year is a great time to set new goals and kick off new campaigns. There’s no better time to start fresh. If you’ve set big goals for your business this year, we’ve rounded up five easy ways to find more customers in 2018.

1. Improve existing campaigns

Those who take a ‘set and forget’ approach to advertising campaigns may be leaving money on the table. Algorithims and customer preferences are always changing. With ads working in real time, it’s important to monitor what’s working and what you need to improve. If you are using Google AdWords for example, you could look into excluding keywords that don’t generate sales.

2. Explore other ad formats

If your business has a history of using Google AdWords to attract customers, it may be time to look at other marketing channels. If your paid ads are generating consistent results, you could look into a long term play with long term gains. SEO (search engine optimization) is an example of a marketing channel that delivers long tern results. To understand the basics of SEO, read: A short guide to SEO basics.

3. Don’t neglect traditional media

Many say print is dead but this doesn’t apply to all industries. For some businesses, local advertising in a community paper of radio station can be effective. Always test your ideas.

4. Use your own database

If you collect email addresses from your customers, you can use your database to generate consistent income. If someone has sign up to your mailing list, it means that they’ll likely be more receptive to the promotional messages you send. It’s also a cost effective channel, unlike Facebook ads and Google AdWords, you won’t need to invest in advertising to reach your audience.

5. Optimise your website

Quality traffic won’t matter if you don’t have a website that converts well. For example, your current website may attract 100 visitors a day. Out of those 100 visitors, two people may phone you or make a purchase. That leaves you with a conversion rate of 2%. If you made improvements to your site to create a better user experience, your conversion rate could double. This means that instead of two conversions, you’d have four with the same amount of traffic.

Now is a time to evaluate your website to ensure it is user friendly and that all your pricing and product offering is up to date. If you need a website health check, book one with our team– no strings attached.


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