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Written on 24 June, 2020 by MelbourneIT
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Since the beginning of March, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic sweep across the world, turning our professional and personal lives upside down. Business can no longer move forward as normal and current marketing plans need to be reconsidered.

A local survey of over 1,000 consumers show that 78% feel more connected to businesses who go above and beyond during this time of unprecedented crisis. The same percentage believe brands need to adapt their business operations to help the greater good.

It’s important during this time that brands give their marketing a health check to identify what is working, what’s not, and how small changes can bring additional value to your customers during an unsettling time.

How has COVID-19 impacted your target market(s)?

Knowing who you’re talking to will ensure the success of your business, however your customers may no longer follow the same online behaviours as they once did. They’ve most likely had to shift the way they complete tasks because of the pandemic, from the way they work to the ways they shop, bank, and even workout. Start by reassessing the data to gain new insights on your customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, and search engines like Google, have analytics tools to help gain these details including new behaviours on your website and the demographics. This information might show you need a new tone of voice or a smarter way to target online ads through offerings like Google Ads Audience Manager.

Review your businesses marketing goals

Now is the time to reassess your current marketing goals. Do they aligns with  company’s vision and are they relevant to the changing needs of your customers? These goals need to be measurable, specific, and achievable, but also flexible in case any changes happen due to the pandemic. If something is no longer working, refresh the plan of action and develop new ways to evolve during this time. This is especially important if you have noticed changes in your customers’ behaviours online, such as engagement rate and boosting website traffic. There is also the opportunity to reallocate any budget from goals that are no longer delivering results to ones that have higher potential to reach your desired audience.

Make sure your marketing is solutions driven

COVID-19 is a pivotal moment for brands to walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk, and go beyond business as usual to support the community. Many individuals are looking for not only a great customer experience, but alternative services to assist them in carrying on with their daily lives through affordable pricing, or educational content. Use this time to review your customers’ past and present feedback, through your social channels, third party websites, and email surveys. Identify the key points for improvement and organise a team to develop an action plan on the steps needed to deliver a better response for your customer through your marketing initiatives on your product and services.

By performing a marketing health check-up and refreshing your marketing goals, you’ll be able to support your customers and ensure your brand remains relevant to them during these uncertain times.

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