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Written on 14 November, 2023 by MelbourneIT

How Do I Securely Protect My DNS and Domain Name? How Do I Securely Protect My DNS and Domain Name? In the vast digital landscape, a domain name isn't merely an address but a fundamental part of your online identity. Safeguarding it from malicious actors attempting to exploit or manipulate your brand is vital for maintaining a secure online presence.... Read more
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Written on 11 October, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Guide to Unlocking the Power of cPanel Hosting in Australia If you're running a website, you know how important it is to have a reliable control panel that can help you manage your website and hosting environment. cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels, and for good reason. It provides a wide range of features and... Read more
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Written on 17 July, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Notification of Microsoft Price Rise   Effective 1st September 2023 Microsoft will increase prices in Australia by +9% for Cloud and OnPrem services.  As a result, MelbourneIT will be adjusting our prices accordingly. This price rise is part of their global pricing initiative to align local currencies to the U.S. dollar (USD).  For more information click... Read more
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Written on 07 June, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Important Billing Notification! We would like to bring to your attention an important update regarding your billing. In March, we made some adjustments to our pricing structure for customers using cPanel hosting services. Following this adjustment, your invoice for the subsequent billing cycle accurately reflected the updated rate. However, there was an unintended... Read more
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Written on 02 June, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Withdraw your application for a contested .au direct domain name   What options do you have if you choose not to renew your .au domain application? If you hold an application for a contending domain and do not wish to continue with the renewal process, then you have an option to withdraw. You can either withdraw from the process or just... Read more
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Written on 02 June, 2023 by MelbourneIT

What to do with your contested .au domain application? Harnessing the Power of .au The .au domain has made significant strides in the global digital landscape, emerging as one of the top ten largest domains worldwide. A recent report by the .au Domain Administration (auDA) reveals that Australian businesses recognize the importance of having a .au domain name for... Read more
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Written on 21 March, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Price Updates MelbourneIT takes pride in delivering high-quality online digital products and services that are supported by skilled, responsive, and locally based customer service and technical operational teams in Australia. Over the last few months, a number of our key technology partners have increased their costs, and therefore we are forced to... Read more
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Written on 17 March, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Urgent - Microsoft Security Update CVE-2023-23397 zero-day vulnerability. Overnight Microsoft has released a critical advisory regarding a vulnerability in the Microsoft Outlook email software that can lead to credential theft. This vulnerability affects all Microsoft Outlook from 2013 onwards. The vulnerability has a CVSS score of 9.8/10 and has as severity of critical due to the low complexity... Read more
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Written on 06 February, 2023 by MelbourneIT

cPanel Hosting Price Update Melbourne IT is dedicated to protecting our customers from third-party supplier cost increases and has done so for the past five years. However, despite our efforts, our technology partner cPanel has recently raised these costs, and we must reluctantly pass this onto our customers. Our commitment to providing high-quality online... Read more
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Written on 31 October, 2022 by MelbourneIT

Domain Privacy Renewal and Price Increase Registration of our Domain Privacy product will now be renewed automatically We’d like to thank our customers for using our Domain Privacy service. We are committed to offering a service that can assist in protection of your identity online, from spammers, data miners and marketers to reduce unsolicited phone calls... Read more
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