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Written on 21 March, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Price Updates MelbourneIT takes pride in delivering high-quality online digital products and services that are supported by skilled, responsive, and locally based customer service and technical operational teams in Australia. Over the last few months, a number of our key technology partners have increased their costs, and therefore we are forced to... Read more
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Written on 17 March, 2023 by MelbourneIT

Urgent - Microsoft Security Update CVE-2023-23397 zero-day vulnerability. Overnight Microsoft has released a critical advisory regarding a vulnerability in the Microsoft Outlook email software that can lead to credential theft. This vulnerability affects all Microsoft Outlook from 2013 onwards. The vulnerability has a CVSS score of 9.8/10 and has as severity of critical due to the low complexity... Read more
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Written on 06 February, 2023 by MelbourneIT

cPanel Hosting Price Update Melbourne IT is dedicated to protecting our customers from third-party supplier cost increases and has done so for the past five years. However, despite our efforts, our technology partner cPanel has recently raised these costs, and we must reluctantly pass this onto our customers. Our commitment to providing high-quality online... Read more
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Written on 31 October, 2022 by MelbourneIT

Domain Privacy Renewal and Price Increase Registration of our Domain Privacy product will now be renewed automatically We’d like to thank our customers for using our Domain Privacy service. We are committed to offering a service that can assist in protection of your identity online, from spammers, data miners and marketers to reduce unsolicited phone calls... Read more
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Written on 28 October, 2022 by MelbourneIT

How Does Domain Contention Work? It is crucial to apply for your preferred .au domain name as early as possible to prevent getting caught in domain contention with another party also vying for the same name. The registration of .au direct domain names remains subject to priority hold and some continue to be unallocated in... Read more
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Written on 20 June, 2022 by MelbourneIT

Propel Your Business to Success with .AU If you run a website for your online business, you would have heard about the new top-level domain name that was released earlier this year. Instead of having a or a, you can instead opt for a domain name with just the .au. This means: Will look... Read more
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Written on 13 April, 2022 by MelbourneIT

Latest Price Update At Melbourne IT we work hard to shield our customers from increases in third party supplier costs, and over the past five years we have refused to pass on these such increases. During this period our technology partners have continued to apply upward pressure on these costs and we must... Read more
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best website hosting for Australian businesses

Written on 15 November, 2021 by MelbourneIT

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Australian Business You need a web hosting service to get your website online. If you are looking to upgrade or switch to a new web host, there are some factors you need to consider so you know which web host and which of their hosting plans suits your online business best. Top... Read more
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cpanel hosting for Australian sites

Written on 01 November, 2021 by MelbourneIT

cPanel, WordPress & Managed VPS Comparison for Your Australian Website If you have an online website, understanding your web hosting capabilities is key to growing your business. Some of the more popular options include cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting and managed VPS hosting, and they all cater to different businesses with different goals. Read more to learn the difference between these... Read more
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Melbourne IT best website hosting

Written on 28 October, 2021 by MelbourneIT

Melbourne IT Delivers Australian's Preferred Web Hosting Services When looking to host your website, Melbourne IT can meet the demands of you and your website audience. Technology has come a long way compared to just a decade ago and this means that user expectations have changed the demands of what it means to have one of the best... Read more
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